Client: Macalester Portuguese Program; Professor Ernesto Ortiz-Díaz
A starfish was selected for its symbolic spirit of the Portuguese language, which has been deeply intertwined with the sea since its birth. The name, Luso, is equally significant. Luso is a Latin prefix that indicates Portuguese. 
Lusophone countries are Portuguese-speaking countries. Lusitania was the Roman name of Portugal. Luso (Lusus in Latin) was the mythological father of the Portuguese people. He was the son of Bacchus (the Greek Dionysus). 
The language was born next to the sea. And from there it spread all across the world at the dawn of the modern age. A starfish has five arms which represent the five continents where the language is spoken. A starfish is also a mirror image within the sea of the stars that guided the Portuguese to India, Brazil, Africa and as far as Japan and Oceania during the 15th and 16th centuries. 

Design encompassed:
• Concept and development of a starfish mascot
• Color palette, typography, extended product and promotional concepts
• Design and co-writing of style guide
Partner agency:
• Leo Rodriguez on mascot illustration

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