The comprehensive style guide was comprised of five sections with a total of 36 pages.

The RedWood Bear story and introduction, along with the introduction of his friends is included as the primary narrative for the character.

RedWood Bear's friend, Scout, along with Mother Nature and the "The Forces Elemental" offer brand extension stories and merchandise opportunities.

"The Forces Elemental" section of the style guide includes visual ideas for product applications that tap into the four elements of nature: FIRE, EARTH, WATER, AIR.

RedWood Bear garment, product and other merchandise ideas are included. All themes lean into environmental learnings for kids.

Client: Dayton Hudson Corp.
RedWood Bear - as Mother Nature's little helper - was created exclusively for the Minnesota and California markets. Following on the success of Dayton Hudson's SantaBear, RedWood Bear had a more year round appeal. RedWood Bear was closely aligned with nature, and it's four elements; fire, earth, water and air. Along with his good friend, Scout, and Mother Nature they embarked on sharing with children all that nature could offer.
Design encompassed:
• Development of the overall look of RedWood Bear keeping in mind he was child age and not an adult bear.
• Color palette and extended product and merchandising concepts
• Pattern designs, color palettes for "The Forces Elemental"
• Design and co-writing of style guide
Partner agency:
• Gary Johnson on RedWood Bear, Scout, and Mother Nature illustrations.

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