"Experiential design ... a basic belief in the power of story to evoke an emotive response and the beauty of design to enrich the experience".  — Liz Pangerl
Casa Valencia (CV) focuses on experiential design, developing and executing strategic brands, creating relative multicultural, multilingual experiences, and building multi-dimensional interactive solutions that empower consumers, audiences, and communities.
Design contributions are informed by a basic belief in the power of story to evoke an emotive response while leveraging the influence of brand design to enrich the experience. Through ideation and execution, and in partnership with branding, marketing and creative teams, CV helps shape the customer journey, creates brand value and brand equity, raises awareness, curiosity and connects desire to activated decision-making. When this occurs, all sectors can better achieve their strategic marketing goals.
Problems are solved strategically using words and pictures and always through a multicultural lens. Through research, exploration and investigation, connections are made. None the less, solutions are rarely where one thinks they are. Usually, after much collaboration, strategic thinking and looking beyond the obvious, the solution or solutions present themselves. This is where the work begins.
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